Educating both professional and general public is of vital importance for successful development of donor and transplantation services. Organizing quality training programmes for professionals involved in transplant medicine is one of Slovenia Transplant’s fundamental tasks. On the basis of the Act on Procurement and Transplantation of Human Body Parts for Therapeutic Purposes (Official Gazette of RS No. 56/15), a Regulation was adopted in April 2016 (Official Gazette of RS No. 2/16), defining the content of education and training programmes for individual procedures concerned with the supply of organs for transplantation.

The target groups are:

  • healthcare professionals (general education of all healthcare professionals; education of ICU physicians and other ICU staff; education of groups involved in transplantation activities; focussed education of young physicians before they choose a specialty);
  • general public (training programmes for persons authorised to recruit individuals to donate organs after death, individual interest groups, charitable organisations and societies, associations of post-transplant and dialysis patients).