The first BRAVEST newsletter has been released

The first edition of the BRAVEST newsletter is out. We will introduce ourselves, our project, and our aims and ambitions for the future of Organ Donation and Transplantation.

Looking back at the COVID-19 pandemic, organ donation and transplantation was significantly impacted. Read our contributions by Eurotransplant, Slovenija Transplant and CNT, who each share their organisations' experiences during the pandemic. We also share key research articles in the field, which influenced the formation of the BRAVEST consortium.

Read also the personal account by Daniel Yoo of Paris Transplant Group, who shares how his research goals adapted and changed to address the urgent needs of donors and patients.

Looking forward, we share what we expect to achieve with the BRAVEST project, and how we will work together to improve the management of organ donation and transplantation in the future.

We hope you enjoy our first issue. If you have questions about the project, get in touch on Twitter (@bravest_eu) and on LinkedIn!

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