Slovenija-transplant published annual publication Give life a chance, which offers a comprehensive statistical insight into the donation and transplantation activity in Slovenia in 2021. Highlights and achievement of 2021 are also mentioned. Figures are presented in a wider chronological context and compared to international figures.

       The Slovenija-transplant's annual report #Give life a chance provides a comprehensive and comparative statistical overview of the donation and transplantation activity in Slovenia, highlights and important achievements of 2021. Last year was yet another to test our resilience to healthcare crisis.  We need to face with the lack of human resources, the exhaustion of staff in the national donation network and the lack of facilities in the intensive care units. Despite obstacles covid-19 disease has caused on many levels, the donation and transplantation programmes were kept active. With high consent rate for donation (84%), the figures are similar to the year 2000. Slovenia ended the year with 19,5 deceased donors per mil population. 41 deceased donors donated 125 organs.

        Compared to 2020, 225 more people enrolled in the national register for organ donation declarations. As many as 80% of enrolment were made through the electronic system. We have communicated transparently and directly with the public, published more than 40 in-depth newspaper interviews and appeared in the media more than 260 times. Slovenija-transplant received an award at the public competition for the Best practice in health care in 2021 (ranking among the three finalists). In addition to Facebook and Twitter, we have opened communication on the YouTube channel (@SloTransplant). Organically we reached over 120,000 users on the Facebook platform.

·      As a partner in a consortium under the umbrella of ESOT, we succeeded in the EU4Health tender and obtained funding for the 2.5-year project BRAVEST (Building Resilience Against crisis: a systematic and global approach to adVancE body Safety and supply in Transplantation). With the aim to promote research and development, we successfully conducted the first public competition for the best research work in the field of donor medicine.

       Publication Give life a chance is available in printed and electronic version. If you would prefer printed copy, please contact us on the e-address