In 2020 Slovenia celebrated 20 years of successful cooperation with Eurotransplant. In the year marked with covid-19 epidemic and crisis situation, the number of deceased donors and transplantation of solid organ in Slovenia was higher compared to 2019.

Covid-19 epidemic marked the year 2020. Healthcare systems worldwide have been facing an overwhelming burden. Reductions in donation and transplantation rates were observed, in many countries programmes were temporary suspended. Slovenia ranks among countries with best adaptation to crisis circumstances. Number of deceased donors and transplantation of solid organ was higher compared to 2019. Statistics for 2020 shows 47 deceased donors, 1 living donor, and 114 transplantations of solid organs. 

70 explanatory interviews with relatives were performed. Big majority of relatives (76%) gave consent to donation, which indicates a high public trust in our work and the donation system.

The 34-year-old patient needed urgent lung transplantation due to complications after Covid-19 disease. Professionally demanding lung transplantation was performed at the Transplant centre University Medical Center Ljubljana. This is internationally rare and exceptional professional achievement.

Compared to previous years, fewer people have declared in the national register of designated persons, despite the possibility of making the declaration electronically.

We have published more than 40 in-depth newspapers interviews and appeared in the media more than 180 times. In cooperation with RTV Slovenia, we developed 12-minute documentary about organ donation and transplantation in Slovenia.

13,000 copies of new informative leaflets on organ and tissue donation have been disseminated into 76 primary health centres in Slovenia.

In January, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of excellent cooperation with Eurotransplant. Gala symposium was co-organized with the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. 

For detailed statistics, please see Factsheet 2020.