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Short annual report 2023

Have a look a key statistical data and achievements in organ and tissues donation and transplantation in Slovenia in the year 2023. In the field of organ donation, year 2023 was highly successful and, in many ways, ground-breaking. With 30.66 active deceased donors p.m.p. Slovenia ranks among most succesful countries in the world.

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“I sincerely thank everyone who, in their own way, contributed to the excellent overall results. With the exceptional work, professionalism, and commitment of all the participating teams, as well as with the high level of public’s support we succeeded in surpassing many milestones in the Slovenian donation programme. For the first time since Slovenija-transplant existence, we exceeded the number of 30 active donors PMP (30.66) and for the first time, we exceeded the number of 27 actual donors PMP (27.36). 58 deceased donors donated 186 organs for transplantation treatment. Transplantation coordinators conducted 95 conversations about possible donation and 79% of relatives gave their consent.

These are encouraging indicators that the public understands and supports our work. Our common goal remains always the same, that is to nurture solidarity, and to provide patients with hope and opportunities for transplantation treatment, regardless of the challenging times in healthcare.”

Andrej Gadžijev, MD


Organ donation in Slovenia in 2023

Organ donation in Slovenia in 2023.

Solid organs and corneas transplantation in Slovenia in 2023

Solid organs and corneas transplantation in Slovenia in 2023.


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